High Roller

by Hullabaloo



High Roller is the fifth album from the award-winning kid-folk duo, Hullabaloo.

Hullabaloo’s latest album of “organic kid-folk” tunes begins with “High Roller”, the title track that will make you think Johnny Cash has been reborn. It’s a diddy so darn good you may never get past it. “High Roller”, the song, not only evokes the spirit of The Man in Black, it’s the ultimate ode to being a cool baby out on the town and may just be the best kid’s song of the year (also nominated for: best kiddie album artwork of the year). After you’ve heard “High Roller” a few (or a dozen) times, move along ’cause there are some other all-ages gems here. -- Out With the Kids

I can’t get enough of the yet-to-be released CD [High Roller] by the cool kids band, Hullabaloo, and since discovering them, I have wondered “How did I miss these guys all this time!?!”-- Mums the Wurd

Hullabaloo’s new album, High Roller, is a must-listen for any family that loves country rock. The band’s style is definitely influenced by country legends like Woody Guthrie and Johnny Cash, as well as a nice background in American folk traditions. -- Boston Children's Music

With classics like “Oh, Susanna!” and “This Land is Your Land” as well as some awesome originals like the title track “High Roller,” if you’re a country music fan this CD is one that you’ll find yourself pulling out of the case and actually suggesting to your kids. Unlike the Wiggles one. -- The Opinionated Parent

"The Hullabaloo band creates children's music even grown-ups can appreciate." -- San Diego Union-Tribune


released August 1, 2009




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Track Name: High Roller
I got a footrest and a seatbelt, a tray for all my snacks
I’ve got diapers, wipes and cheerios in the pocket round the back
I’ve got a one mom-power engine to take me for a spin
And I got the whole thing riding on 3.5 inch rims

I’m the kind of kid that’s a natural born high roller
You can see it in my eyes, man I was born a rock’n’roller
I’m the kind of kid every kid would like to be
I’m cute as a button man how could you not love me

Everybody stops to look at me and smile
Cause when I step out on the block I step out in style
I got a onesie with a dinosaur, I got a big old floppy hat
I got a paci and a juice box ‘cause I’m crazy like that

Sometimes things get crazy back home at my crib
Sometimes I eat breakfast wearing nothing but a bib
That food starts a’flying, I’m a touch out of control
I’m living on the edge but that’s just the way my stroller rolls
Track Name: Princess Bluejeans
A long, long time ago in a land not far from here
There lived a fair young princess by the name of Guinevere
She was not like any princess that the world had ever seen
She wore her hair in a ponytail and she always wore bluejeans

Hooray for Princess Guinevere,
Someday you’ll be our Queen
Hooray for Princess Guinevere
Princess Guinevere Bluejeans

Her mother, Queen Miss Fancy Pants always wore a gown
But Gwen couldn’t stand the way the lace would slow her down
So she wore her favorite jersey from her favorite soccer team
With a pair of hightop sneakers and her faded old bluejeans

One day Queen Miss Fancy Pants made Gwen wear a dress
She wore it to her soccer game and came back a muddy mess
You should have seen that fancy Queen when Gwen walked through the door
And said, “Hey, Mom you should have seen the three great goals I scored!”

And then one day it came to pass that Gwen became the queen
She bought everybody a pair of new bluejeans
The world was filled with joy that day and happiness and laughter
And they all lived together comfortably ever after
Track Name: Ants in My Pants
I put a piece of chocolate in my pajama pocket
And then I went upstairs to take a nap
When that chocolate melted a million ants smelled it
And they crawled up my leg into my lap

So I jump up and down, I wiggle all around
Everybody’s telling me to chill
I know this isn’t good, I’d chill out if I could
But I’ve got ants in my pants and I can’t sit still

I went and told my mom exactly what went on
As I bounced around I asked her what to do
She said oh, honey-baby that sugar made you crazy
No more sweets before nap time for you

It made my mother laugh when I jumped in the bath
I must have been quite a sight to see
The part that really got her was when she fell into the water
With the million red ants and me
Track Name: Oh, Susanna!
I come from Alabama with a banjo on my knee
I'm going to Louisiana, my true love for to see
It rained all night the day I left, the weather it was dry
The sun so hot I froze to death, Susanna, don't you cry

Oh, Susanna, don't you cry for me
I come from Alabama,
With my banjo on my knee

I had a dream the other night when everything was still
I thought I saw Susanna coming down the hill
The red, red rose was in her hand, a tear was in her eye
Says I, I'm coming from the South, Susanna don't you cry

I soon will be in New Orleans and then I'll look around
And when I find Susanna, I'll fall down on the ground
When I finally find my dear the clouds will clear the sky
At last, at last our time is near, Susanna don't you cry
Track Name: How About You?
If I were a redwood, I’d have branches and green leaves
I’d reach way up into the sky and sway there in the breeze
I’d stand around on the forest floor with all my fellow trees
If I were a redwood, I’d have branches and green leaves

Hey, hey, how about you?
If you were a redwood what would you do?

If I were a fish, I’d have bright and shiny scales
I’d light up the ocean with a flicker of my tail
I would be the envy of the dolphins and the whales
If I were a fish, I’d have bright and shiny scales

If I were the sea, I’d make a wavy motion
I’d have big old crashing waves like the great Pacific Ocean
I’d crash on the beach all day long and never need suntan lotion
If I were the sea, I’d make a wavy motion

If I were an eagle, I’d take off and fly
I’d soar above the mountains way up in the sky
I would use my big strong wings to take me way up high
If I were an eagle, I’d take off and fly
Track Name: Choo Choo Choo
I live in an itty-bitty run-down shack
Between the beach and the railroad track
Train rolls by my door 10 times a day

When it rolls on by the whole house shakes
The dog falls over and the dishes all break
I wouldn’t have it any other way

Choo choo choo. . look out world I’m passing through

I sit in my chair in my little back yard
With glass of iced tea and this old guitar
Waiting for the chance to play my favorite song

It’s a rockin’ little number called the 509
Written by an engine friend of mine
When she chugs on by I sing along

It’s a darn good thing trains don’t get scared
‘Cause it’s a big old wacky world out there
And you just never know what lies beyond the bend

When I venture out beyond my fence
And I need a little bit of self-confidence
I just think about my old engine friend
Track Name: London Bridge
London Bridge is falling down
Falling down, falling down
London Bridge is falling down
My fair lady

We’re Dancing in a circle in London Town. . .

Watch us all going ‘round and ‘round. . .

Don’t get caught when the arms come down. . .
Track Name: 400 Cupcakes
Everybody called me to tell me they could come
So now I’m making cupcakes for every single one

I’m making 400 cupcakes, 400 cupcakes,
400 cupcakes for my friends
I haven’t seen so many cupcakes
Since I can’t remember when
I’m making 400 cupcakes for my friends

I’m making one for Cole, Oliver and Evelyn
I’m making one for Kaitlyn, Emily, Ben
One for Faith and Aska, and two for Uncle Steve
‘Cause Uncle Steve loves cupcakes almost as much as me

I invited my whole playgroup and my entire school
I invited Alexander just because that kid is cool
I invited Jojo and her sister Allison
Both of them invited their soccer teams to come

Well I added up the guest list including me and you
The grand total came to three hundred and eighty two
Now it’s much too late to change the lyrics to this song
So when you come tomorrow, bring eighteen friends along
Track Name: Dinosaur in My Backyard
I woke up this morning and guess what I found
A big broken branch and leaves on the ground
Well momma says sometimes branches just fall
But I know better that’s not it at all

There’s a dinosaur living in my back yard
He’s bumping into trees and eating people’s cars
I’ll tell you all again like I did from the start
There’s a dinosaur living in my backyard

On the side of the house over by the garbage pails
I found four big dinosaur scales
Momma says those are just garbage can lids
But sometimes moms aren’t as smart as their kids

Last night he must a have made an attack
Because I found the bones from his dinosaur snack
Momma says that’s nothing but a shovel and a rake
But sometimes even moms make mistakes

I just found a big black dinosaur egg
It’s starting to hatch and I can see its legs
Dad says that’s just his barbeque
But I wouldn’t go near that thing if I were you
Track Name: Old Dan Tucker
I came to town the other night
I heard a noise and I saw a fight
The watchman he was running around
Saying Old Dan Tucker’s come to town

Get out of the way Old Dan Tucker
You’re too late to get your supper
Supper’s over and breakfasts cooking
Old Dan Tucker just standing there looking

Old Dan Tucker was a fine old man
Washed his face in a frying pan
Combed his hair with a wagon wheel
Died with a toothache in his heel

Old Dan Tucker came to town
Swinging the ladies round and round
First to the right, then to the left
Then to the gal that he loves best

Old Dan Tucker he got mad
He fell in the fire and it burned him bad
A red hot coal got in his shoe
Man, how the ashes flew
Track Name: Beans and Rice
I love you once, I love you twice
I love you more than beans and rice

I love you blue, I love you green
I love you more than peach ice cream

I love you north, south, east and west
You’re the one I love the best
Track Name: This Land is Your Land
This land is your land, this land is my land
From California, to the New York Island
From the redwood forest, to the gulf stream waters
This land was made for you and me

As I was walking a ribbon of highway
I saw above me an endless skyway
I saw below me a golden valley
This land was made for you and me

I've roamed and rambled and I've followed my footsteps
To the sparkling sands of her diamond deserts
And all around me a voice was sounding
This land was made for you and me

The sun comes shining as I was strolling
The wheat fields waving and the dust clouds rolling
The fog was lifting a voice came chanting
This land was made for you and me