Old Dan Tucker

from by Hullabaloo



An American folk favorite. How could you not love a guy that combs his hair with a wagon wheel?


I came to town the other night
I heard a noise and I saw a fight
The watchman he was running around
Saying Old Dan Tucker’s come to town

Get out of the way Old Dan Tucker
You’re too late to get your supper
Supper’s over and breakfasts cooking
Old Dan Tucker just standing there looking

Old Dan Tucker was a fine old man
Washed his face in a frying pan
Combed his hair with a wagon wheel
Died with a toothache in his heel

Old Dan Tucker came to town
Swinging the ladies round and round
First to the right, then to the left
Then to the gal that he loves best

Old Dan Tucker he got mad
He fell in the fire and it burned him bad
A red hot coal got in his shoe
Man, how the ashes flew


from High Roller, released August 1, 2009




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