Choo Choo Choo

from by Hullabaloo



The Kid-Folk Handbook says you’ve got to have at least one rocking train song. Who are we to disagree?


I live in an itty-bitty run-down shack
Between the beach and the railroad track
Train rolls by my door 10 times a day

When it rolls on by the whole house shakes
The dog falls over and the dishes all break
I wouldn’t have it any other way

Choo choo choo. . look out world I’m passing through

I sit in my chair in my little back yard
With glass of iced tea and this old guitar
Waiting for the chance to play my favorite song

It’s a rockin’ little number called the 509
Written by an engine friend of mine
When she chugs on by I sing along

It’s a darn good thing trains don’t get scared
‘Cause it’s a big old wacky world out there
And you just never know what lies beyond the bend

When I venture out beyond my fence
And I need a little bit of self-confidence
I just think about my old engine friend


from High Roller, released August 1, 2009




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