Princess Bluejeans

from by Hullabaloo



At long last, a princess that plays soccer and wears blue jeans!


A long, long time ago in a land not far from here
There lived a fair young princess by the name of Guinevere
She was not like any princess that the world had ever seen
She wore her hair in a ponytail and she always wore bluejeans

Hooray for Princess Guinevere,
Someday you’ll be our Queen
Hooray for Princess Guinevere
Princess Guinevere Bluejeans

Her mother, Queen Miss Fancy Pants always wore a gown
But Gwen couldn’t stand the way the lace would slow her down
So she wore her favorite jersey from her favorite soccer team
With a pair of hightop sneakers and her faded old bluejeans

One day Queen Miss Fancy Pants made Gwen wear a dress
She wore it to her soccer game and came back a muddy mess
You should have seen that fancy Queen when Gwen walked through the door
And said, “Hey, Mom you should have seen the three great goals I scored!”

And then one day it came to pass that Gwen became the queen
She bought everybody a pair of new bluejeans
The world was filled with joy that day and happiness and laughter
And they all lived together comfortably ever after


from High Roller, track released September 26, 2009




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