400 Cupcakes

from by Hullabaloo



Steve baked and frosted 400 cupcakes for Hullabaloo’s 5th birthday party. He composed this song as he worked.


Everybody called me to tell me they could come
So now I’m making cupcakes for every single one

I’m making 400 cupcakes, 400 cupcakes,
400 cupcakes for my friends
I haven’t seen so many cupcakes
Since I can’t remember when
I’m making 400 cupcakes for my friends

I’m making one for Cole, Oliver and Evelyn
I’m making one for Kaitlyn, Emily, Ben
One for Faith and Aska, and two for Uncle Steve
‘Cause Uncle Steve loves cupcakes almost as much as me

I invited my whole playgroup and my entire school
I invited Alexander just because that kid is cool
I invited Jojo and her sister Allison
Both of them invited their soccer teams to come

Well I added up the guest list including me and you
The grand total came to three hundred and eighty two
Now it’s much too late to change the lyrics to this song
So when you come tomorrow, bring eighteen friends along


from High Roller, released August 1, 2009




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