Ants in My Pants

from by Hullabaloo



A gentle reminder to take the chocolate out of your pocket before you take a nap.


I put a piece of chocolate in my pajama pocket
And then I went upstairs to take a nap
When that chocolate melted a million ants smelled it
And they crawled up my leg into my lap

So I jump up and down, I wiggle all around
Everybody’s telling me to chill
I know this isn’t good, I’d chill out if I could
But I’ve got ants in my pants and I can’t sit still

I went and told my mom exactly what went on
As I bounced around I asked her what to do
She said oh, honey-baby that sugar made you crazy
No more sweets before nap time for you

It made my mother laugh when I jumped in the bath
I must have been quite a sight to see
The part that really got her was when she fell into the water
With the million red ants and me


from High Roller, released August 1, 2009




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