High Roller

from by Hullabaloo



Some kids are just born cool. . .


I got a footrest and a seatbelt, a tray for all my snacks
I’ve got diapers, wipes and cheerios in the pocket round the back
I’ve got a one mom-power engine to take me for a spin
And I got the whole thing riding on 3.5 inch rims

I’m the kind of kid that’s a natural born high roller
You can see it in my eyes, man I was born a rock’n’roller
I’m the kind of kid every kid would like to be
I’m cute as a button man how could you not love me

Everybody stops to look at me and smile
Cause when I step out on the block I step out in style
I got a onesie with a dinosaur, I got a big old floppy hat
I got a paci and a juice box ‘cause I’m crazy like that

Sometimes things get crazy back home at my crib
Sometimes I eat breakfast wearing nothing but a bib
That food starts a’flying, I’m a touch out of control
I’m living on the edge but that’s just the way my stroller rolls


from High Roller, track released September 26, 2009




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